Our Story

Our Story

Diversified Safety Services is a full-service occupational safety and health consulting firm with headquarters in Baltimore Country, MD. 

Anthony Tur started Diversified Safety Services in November of 2008. After working at a large firm, where he felt he was just a number, Anthony had a vision that he wanted to keep people safe on jobsites and provide quality service and training. He took this vision and created one of the largest safety service companies on the East Coast. 

Diversified Safety Services for the first year was only a one man show. Anthony did everything himself from site inspections and training to creating and sending invoices. In the second year, he hired his first two full time site safety inspectors. After that year, the company continued to grow adding more and more employees. Diversified Safety Services currently employs over 100 employees nationwide. 

Anthony learned through his years as a business owner that putting the client’s needs first is crucial to successfully grow. Diversified Safety Services works closely with the clients to provide services the clients require and depend on. Anthony considers his employees as a second family and treats them with honor and respect. Working with his employees, as much as his clients, to provide a pleasant and rewarding working environment for everyone. 

In the years to come, Anthony hopes for the company to continue growing in the safety industry. As well as establishing more locations around the United States, while employing top-of-the-line safety officers to provide the safest working conditions for our clients.

Anthony Tur, CEO